Our Partners

The complexity of the global water crisis requires a sustained commitment across multiple sectors – business, government, public health, academia, and not-for-profit. We are advancing innovative solutions through an open, collaborative approach that mobilizes global experts, thought leaders, field practitioners and funders.

Leadership Partners provide funding to support our field activities and other initiatives. In some instances, partners bring functional expertise , capability, and other resources to help us advance this work; others provide professional/administrative administrative pro-bono services. When we’re very fortunate, partners provide all of the above.

Leadership Support

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
In collaboration with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, we are conducting an assessment of the potential for commercial decentralized safe water solutions to address the needs of underserved populations in Ghana. This initiative builds on our extensive in-field learning and network of regional alliances. It seeks to determine the most viable and appropriate solutions for populations earning less than $2/day in rural and peri-urban areas in Ghana.

Kosmos Energy
Building upon Safe Water Network’s initiatives to develop locally owned and managed water systems in Ghana, Kosmos Energy is supporting our expansion in the Western Region of the country. The project will launch systems in two villages around the River Amanzuri basin—Beyin and Atuabo—both face significant water challenges. We will also create pipeline extensions to service the smaller villages of Ngelekazo and Ekebaku.

Merck Foundation
Building off our field experience in India, Ghana and Kenya, the Merck Foundation and Safe Water Network are working to address the operational, economic, cultural and environmental challenges to safe water access. The team is applying rigorous data collection and analysis to produce effective demand generation and education methods that can be replicated at scale throughout India. The initiative will add a dozen sites to Safe Water Network's existing field projects in Andhra Pradesh, which already provide nearly 40,000 people access to clean water. The additional sites will provide safe water access to another 20,000 - 30,000 people. Each phase of the initiative will be documented, including the data on health outcomes. Key findings will be shared with the water and sanitation sector as well as other organizations to help them address the global water crisis.

Newman’s Own Foundation
Paul Newman, a co-founder and founding Board Member, was deeply committed to the successful launch of Safe Water Network and identified Safe Water Network as one of his three legacy priorities. This commitment is sustained through continued support from the Newman’s Own Foundation.

PepsiCo Foundation
PepsiCo Foundation is a major funder of Safe Water Network, helping us to develop new solutions and bring clean water to populations around the world. In addition to funding, PepsiCo provides considerable technical and operating advisory support as well as local market knowledge and experience.

Sir Ratan Tata Trust
Sir Ratan Tata Trust is one of the oldest philanthropic institutions in India, and has played a pioneering role in changing the traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy. Sir Ratan Tata Trust has joined hands with Safe Water Network in funding the Small Water Enterprise initiative in Andhra Pradesh, India to demonstrate the potential of market based approaches to deliver solutions at scale.

The Starr International Foundation
Provides substantial general support the Safe Water Network’s institutional advancement and overall initiatives.


IBM, in partnership with Safe Water Network, is developing a new Business Analytics Platform that will interface with our field initiatives to ensure stronger data collection and reporting capabilities. This improvement in monitoring and evaluation will feed into our ongoing model-optimization and lead to the implementation of even more effective and sustainable solutions.

Safe Water Network is partnering with IFC to assess the market for commercial water provision in Kenya. The initiative is identifying the opportunities and challenges for scalable, decentralized commercial water solutions like the ones we’ve implemented in Ghana and India. Building on our field and market experience, we’re investigating key challenges in financing, regulatory structure, pricing, and equitable access. The project includes market research and case studies as well as the collaboration and input of key thought leaders and stakeholders in Kenya. With the IFC and our in-country partners,we will produce a final report of our findings and recommendations.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Technical expertise from the Center for Water & Health is applied to the evaluation of interventions for water quality, safety and other measures to realize and measure desired health outcomes. The Center for Communications Program assists in the evaluation and development of interventions including education programs, situational assessments and policy development. Their expertise informs future improvements and development strategies to realize scale-up and sustainability objectives.


Covington & Burling
Covington & Burling is providing pro bono legal counsel to help Safe Water Network realize its goals. Significant activity involves structuring agreements to align the interests of philanthropic and commercial partners.

JH Cohn LLP provides Safe Water Network pro bono accounting and advisory services.

Kaye Scholer
Founded in New York in 1917, Kaye Scholer provides strategic counsel and legal services to Fortune 500, middle-market corporations and government entities on a full range of US and international matters. They have represented Safe Water Network as General Council since 2012.