We’re Committed Beyond Water

Our Model Works

We have developed solutions for the one billion people who don’t have access to safe water. For an annual cost of under $2 per person, our Safe Water Stations are locally owned and operated. Community members pay a nominal water fee; we supply the training, tools and support to ensure a reliable, long-lasting source of safe water. Today our Safe Water Stations are covering operating costs and building reserves for maintenance improvements and capital recovery. Our approach is rooted in the conviction that communities, when provided with support and guidance, have both the ability and desire to own, operate and maintain Safe Water Stations.

The Need Is Great

The world’s water supply is in crisis. Despite billions of dollars and decades of work, over 25% of the global population still suffers needlessly. 30-60% of rural water systems are inoperable.1 Natural and man-made contaminants increasingly pollute drinking water sources. We work with communities and governments at all levels to overcome these challenges and ensure no one is denied access to life’s basic need. That’s our commitment.

We are committed to taking our model to scale through the following activities:

Field Initiatives:
Design, launch and management of water purification stations and rainwater harvesting programs to provide safe water to those in need. We also gain important field experience to optimize solutions.
Market Development:
A fact-based approach to measure outcomes and models, as well as develop scale propositions.
Collaborative activities, best practice approaches and action-oriented programs that apply partner expertise to our field work and scale development projects.
Technical Assistance:
On-site consultation to other organizations, as well as support through training materials and manuals.