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Each innovation is focused on addressing specific operating, consumer and environmental challenges so that we can successfully roll out Safe Water Stations while maintaining our standards for affordability, reliability and quality.

Tracking financial transactions and consumer sales manually is error-prone and time-consuming, and can be difficult to verify. With our partners, we are digitizing the process, thereby reducing errors and improving traceability,...
Automating water services through water ATMs and prepaid “smart” meters for household connections improves access by increasing water availability and empowering consumers to collect water when it is most convenient for them.
Remote monitoring is a cost-effective, efficient way of overseeing many water stations simultaneously by a qualified technician. It ensures consistent water quality and identifies potential issues before they become problems.
Many rural communities have no electricity, but even in places that do, service is inconsistent, making it difficult to offer a reliable source of safe water.
Generating awareness about the benefits of safe water and improved hygiene practice is no easy task. With the help of our partners, we have developed a field-tested series of standardized messaging that communicates clearly why...
To reduce the impact on local water sources, we are establishing procedures to ensure that watersheds are not over-taxed and remain vibrant for generations to come.
Safe Water Network is developing a mobile productivity tool that will enable our field teams to more effectively identify potential communities to work with and to improve our overall process, from designing a Safe Water Station...
We have documented every aspect of what we do in the field so that others can easily replicate our approach. To ensure our manuals, toolkits and other training materials are up to date, we revise them regularly.