Water Essentials

The Untapped Potential of Decentralized Solutions to Provide Safe, Sustainable Drinking Water at Large Scale

Jan. 2017
This report argues that new approaches are needed to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 by 2030. Through the analysis of 14 different small water enterprises, the report uncovers bottlenecks to scale and sustainability.



Foundation Funding for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

The Foundation Center
Mar. 2012

US Foundation support for the water, sanitation and hygiene sector is growing, but still makes up a small portion of giving for international issues. This briefing note provides facts and figures for foundation funding, including insights on private and corporate foundations and recipients. 

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Innovative Financing in Early Recovery: The Liberia Health Sector Pool Fund

Hughes, J., Glassman, A., and Gwenigale, W.
Center for Global Development
Feb. 2012

The Liberia Health Sector Pool Fund, though constituting a comparatively small proportion of total donor support, has improved the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare in financial management, donor funding coordination, and stewardship in delivery of health services.

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Idea to Impact: A Guide to Introduction and Scale of Global Health Innovations

Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact
Jan. 2012

Design that Matters is a design firm that designs health products that benefit people in need globally. However, they have previously not taken into consideration the needs of manufacturers, distributers, etc. and are now including them in their design process for maximum effectiveness.

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Global Costs and Benefits of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Interventions to Reach the MDG Target and Universal Coverage

Hutton, Guy, PhD
World Health Organization
Jan. 2012

The study estimates global, regional and country-level costs and benefits of drinking-water supply and sanitation interventions to meet the MDG target and provides evidence to support sector investment with a focus on services that are both socially efficient and financially sustainable. 

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Scaling Up: From Vision to Large‐Scale Change

Management Systems International
Jan. 2012

This field‐tested framework and set of guidelines provides organizations with practical advice on how to carry out key tasks needed for effective scale-up.

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Background, Impact and the Way Forward: Briefing Report Prepared for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012

The Water Resources Group
Jan. 2012

At the 2008 World Economic Forum the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, challenged businesses to mobilize and engage with governments in addressing the issue of water security. The result - the Water Resources Group has brought a holistic approach to water scarcity.

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Accelerating Work to Overcome the Global Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases – A Roadmap for Implementation

World Health Organization
Jan. 2012

Efforts to combat neglected tropical diseases reached a turning point in 2007, when the world Health Organization convened the first meeting of global partners. The roadmap for implementation represents the next step forward in relieving the vast misery caused by these ancient diseases of poverty.

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Worldwide Needs for Safe Drinking Water are Underestimated: Billions of People are Impacted

Payen, G.
Nov. 2011

The need for improved access to water is enormous. Billions of people are
concerned not hundreds of millions. Public policies must make a quantum leap to ensure satisfactory access to truly safe drinking water for everyone. 

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Ladders for Assessing and Costing Water Service Delivery

Moriarty, P., Batchelor, C., Fonseca, C., Klutse, A., Naafs, A., Nyarko, K., Peson, C., Potter, A., Reddy, R., Snehalatha, M.
IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
Nov. 2011

This paper introduces the concept of service levels to improve the planning and monitoring of water services. Important issues include considering how multiple uses of water from a source can distort data about quantity of water used for drinking.

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Access to Safe Water: For the Base of the Pyramid

Carvalho, A., Graf, J., Kayser, O., and Vousvouras, C.
Hystra; Ashoka
Sep. 2011

Existing solutions have proven it is possible to develop adapted, sustainable solutions for low-density, remote areas but scaling-up requires more philanthropic support and significant marketing innovation to boost penetration levels. Urban network expansion requires government support. 

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